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Xender – Reliable, Fast and Safe File-Sharing App for Android


Ask any Android fan why they prefer using a smartphone that runs on Google’s operating system instead of the one developed by Apple and they will tell you that it’s all about the freedom that Android brings. Smartphones powered by Android give users full customization options and this makes it possible for people to make their smartphones feel unique.

Another big advantage of being on the Android side of things is the fact that people get access to an endless number of apps. There are many types of apps that and the one thing that they all have in common is that they have been designed to make our lives easier and Xender is the perfect example of that.

Introducing Xender

For those who are unfamiliar with Xender, this app excels at sharing files. Xender can share files between smartphones at fast speeds and this makes it worthy of being ranked as a “must-have app” on all Android smartphones. However, there’s more to Xender than just simply sharing fans between smartphones.

Reliable and Safe

What makes Xender stand out from other similar apps is the security that it offers. People who chose to use Xender as their primary app when it comes to sharing files will never have to worry about third parties intercepting their files. Not just that, but Xender is always receiving new APK updates that improve its overall software stability, thus making it more reliable.

Wi-Fi Transfer Master

The cool thing about Xender is that this app doesn’t share files via the classic Bluetooth and USB connection methods and instead, Xender uses Wi-Fi hotspots. This makes it possible for multiple smartphones to connect to a hotspot at the same time and for Xender to share files at impressive speeds.