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Xender – Sharing Files Has Never Been Easier


Don’t you hate it that Google doesn’t let Android users transfer files to iPhones? This operating system restriction has been put in place as a “line in the sand” that forces people to pick a camp, Android or iOS. Fortunately, there are a bunch of third-party apps that will make this issue go away, but none of them do it better than Xender.


Xender is a file sharing app that is equipped with a plethora of features which have been carefully designed to enhance the speed at which people transfer important files. Xender’s developers know that people love to send hilarious pictures and videos to their friends and this is why it made it possible for them to do it in a matter of seconds, even though their smartphone’s operating system might be different.

Lots of Cool Features

What sets Xender apart from other apps that can share files is the fact that Xender does much more than that. Xender’s user interface is packed with a ton of features that users can enjoy for free. Yes, you read that right. Even though Xender is a top-notch app that offers premium performances, it’s free to use.

No Need for Bluetooth, USB or NFC

Another great thing about Xender is that it doesn’t require people to connect their smartphones through the traditional Bluetooth, USB or NFC methods and instead, Xender does it all over the air.  People who decide to give Xender a try will find out that sharing files with their friends and family members has never been easier.

Guaranteed Protection

Since Xender can be used to share all types of files, some people might use it to transfer important documents such as work projects and the app’s developers have made sure that those files can’t be interfered by third-parties by equipping Xender with high-level security software.