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Xender – Speed, Privacy and Security is What Really Matters


The description of Xender categorizes the app as the “best sharing app fulfilling all your sharing needs” and this is exactly what Xender does. If you ever want to share important files from one smartphone to another, then we highly advise you to give Xender a try.

The reason we are so confident in the app’s abilities is because it can transfer files 200 times faster than Bluetooth can while making sure the quality of the files doesn’t get lost in the process.

Speed Matters!

Since we are talking about an app which has been purposely designed to share files and not anything else, speed really matters. Don’t you hate having to wait minutes until a big file such as a video is transferred to your friend’s smartphone? Well, this isn’t an issue that you will have to deal with when using Xender because this app can transfer files at speeds that reach 20 MB/s.

Guaranteed Privacy

Most people don’t like sharing files through third-party apps because they are afraid that some unknown entity might interfere with them. No one can blame them though since the internet is filled with hackers just waiting for someone to make a mistake and reveal important documents. Fortunately, the developers who are in charge of Xender know that too well and this is why Xender guarantees total privacy whenever it handles your files.

Removing Operating System Restrictions

One of the most annoying things about smartphones that run on different operating systems such as Android and iOS is the fact that users are not allowed to share files with each other. Well, this is where Xender comes in and saves the day. This app has been optimized to remove all operating system restrictions and it makes it possible for Xender users to share files even between and iPhone and an Android device.