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Xender Top Three Most Useful Features


Today we are going to present Xender. This is a powerful app that makes it easier for people to share files with their friends and family members. Not only that, but Xender can support all types of files and this makes it the ideal app for people who work jobs that require them to share important data with their work colleagues such as PowerPoint Presentations and Excel Spreadsheets for example. Without any further ado, let’s check out which are Xender’s top three features.

Xender Top Three Features

#1 Transfer Any File You Want

The first highlight feature of Xender that we want to go over is the app’s ability to support all types of files. While this might not sound like such a groundbreaking feature, it’s actually quite important. People who decide to give Xender a try will be able to transfer anything they want starting with basic pictures and ending with fully installed apps, phone contacts and even private notes.

#2 Fastest in the Business

Since we are talking about an app that has been specially designed to transfer files, it should come as no surprise that the developers of the app have constantly updated Xender’s software to the point that it has become the fastest in the business. Xender can share files at speeds that reach up to 40 MB/s. This is super fast and it completely overshadows Bluetooth file sharing speeds.

#3 The File Quality Doesn’t Get Deteriorated

The last and most important Xender feature that we want to present to everyone is the app’s ability to share files without losing any of their quality in the process. Everyone who has ever tried to share a high-resolution picture through other apps such as Facebook Messenger has surely found out that the picture’s quality gets downgraded in the process. Well, this is not an issue with Xender.