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You Can Now Delete Facebook Messages, Here’s How


If you have ever sent a message and then felt weird about it right afterward, something that everyone does from time to time, you didn’t have any way of deleting that message. You just had to live with the offensive message and that was it. Well, not anymore.

Facebook has announced that all users will now have the option to delete messages. This is a great feature and the only problem that we have with it is why did it take so long for Facebook to implement it?

You Can Now Delete Facebook Messages

Everyone has sent at least one weird message while chatting with someone on Facebook Messenger and then regretted it. Luckily, this is not a problem anymore. You can say goodbye to all the typos and funny autocorrect mistakes because Facebook Messenger users can delete any message they want.

How it Works

One of the best things about Facebook Messenger’s new feature is that its super simple to use. After sending a message, users have ten minutes in which they can delete it and this can be done by tapping on the message, then tapping once again on the “Remove” option and then picking the “Remove for Everyone” option. The will ask the user if he is certain about deleting the message and all that is left to do is to pick the “Remove” option.

Mark Zuckerberg Already Had Access to this Feature

What’s interesting about this feature is that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has had access to this feature for more than eight months now. The CEO admitted to this and from the looks of it, he figured out that everyone could find this feature useful.

“With a feature like Remove Message, we wanted to carefully balance flexibility and control with protecting our users from abuse of the feature,” said a Facebook spokesperson.