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Why Isn’t VidMate on the Google Play Store?


Even though VidMate is a highly popular app, it can’t be downloaded from the official Google Play Store. This is why so many people are afraid of using the premium services that VidMate offers because they think that the app might be some kind of malware. Well, today we are going to show everyone why VidMate is a great app and why it doesn’t cause any damage to smartphones.

Why Isn’t VidMate on the Google Play Store?

The first thing that we want to cover is VidMate’s absence from the Google Play Store. As we all know, the Google Play Store is the biggest app and game library for Android users and everything that is listed there is considered to be safe.

This begs the question, why isn’t VidMate there? Well, the reason why VidMate is not available on the Google Play Store is because the app’s highlight features go against the ToS (terms of services) of Google.

Download Online Videos

VidMate is equipped with a plethora of cool features but the one stands out the most is its ability to download online videos. Obviously, there are lots of websites and apps that aren’t that happy when people download their media content and Google can’t afford to list VidMate on the Google Play Store.

VidMate is Safe is to Use

With that being said, we are confident to say that VidMate is a safe app. Everyone can install it on their Android powered smartphones without having to worry about something bad happening to them.

We should also note that VidMate doesn’t make any unwanted or unauthorized changes to smartphones. The only problem here is that websites such as YouTube, DailyMotion and so on don’t want people to use them because they generate money by keeping people logged in to their homepages for as long as possible.