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5 Features You’ll Want in Your Next Car


Shopping for a new car can be an exciting experience. After all, you get to choose a completely new vehicle with features based on what you need and want. Need a four-door sedan? You can do that. Want a sunroof so you can fully enjoy those balmy spring days? Done. However, besides those basic options, there are tons of luxury choices you can add to your vehicle to take your driving experience from average to incredible. In fact, some of these features may have you dreaming of a longer commute so you can be in your car longer!

Keep reading for five features you may want to add to your next vehicle:

1.   Customized chairs

A built-in massage chair might not make your commute to the office any shorter – but it will definitely make your commute more enjoyable. Many new luxury cars are being made with enjoyment and comfort in mind. And as commutes grow longer in city areas, drivers are more stressed. Car companies are coming up with unique ways to mitigate those hair-pulling moments on the road.

For example, some cars now offer built-in massage mechanisms in their seats so you can work on that kink in your back while heading to your 9-5.

Some car manufacturers are also introducing cooling seats which help combat uncomfortable humidity during hot spells.

If you can’t afford to get a car with these kinds of advanced customized options, we have some tips to make your car more luxurious regardless.

  • A massage comfort cushion: Simply put this massage cover over your regular seat and be whisked away to a spa-like land of relaxation.
  • A cooling USB seat cushion: If it’s hotter than Hades outside, you deserve to feel as cool as a cucumber. This cooling cushion will help you sweat less – whether it’s due to yet another accident holding up traffic or just the temperature outside.

2.   Built-in traffic navigation

You might already use an app like Waze or Google Maps to anticipate traffic patterns and routes to avoid accidents or road debris, but new cars are starting to be built with this feature right into them. Easily avoid traffic accidents and construction-based delays so you can get to your destination with plenty of time to spare.

3.   Superior sunroofs

Sunroofs are great for adding some nice, natural light into the interior of your car. If you want an example, just peak into the details of the new 2019 Volkswagen Jetta which features an incredibly advanced sunroof: it’s panoramic to give you a beautiful swathe of light as you drive. If that doesn’t make you want to hurry down to your Jacksonville, Phoenix, or Mall of Georgia VW dealership (or wherever you reside), then what possibly will?

4.   Audio upgrades

Music is essential for getting through your commute and road trips with a smile on your face. And Apple CarPlay is one way to keep you smiling. This helpful software relieves drivers from having to fidget with their phones while they’re focused on the road. Over 400 cars have this incredible audio technology feature which mirrors your iPhone interface. Imagine never having search for your phone after it falls down that abyss between your car cushion and console again. In addition, a similar feature is being launched by Google called Android Auto.

5.   Self-driving car

Believe it or not, self-driving cars are already being tested out in the real world. In fact, Google has already been testing this technology with its fleet of Waymo cars. It works just like Uber but a driverless car picks you up instead of some guy with a beat-up Corolla.

If you live in the metro Phoenix area, you can be part of the Waymo early rider program and use the self-driving cars to get you to your yoga class, work, or wherever you may need to go. The project originally started in 2009 and since then, Waymo cars have driven over 10 million miles and tested the self-driving software over 7 billion virtual miles.

At this time during the testing, a Waymo-trained driver will always be in each car monitoring the rides.


Whatever new car you decide on – whether it’s a traditional gas-powered, hybrid, or fully electric – you’ll want to make sure it offers the features that match your lifestyle. With this list in mind, you can ensure that you get a vehicle that perfectly complements your personality and needs.