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Amazon Drive Will Meet Its End Next Year

Credit: Amazon

If you use Amazon Drive, a service that competes with Google Drive and Apple’s iCloud, you’re going to be disappointed. In 2023, Amazon Drive will be discontinued. Those interested in making the transfer will get an email from the firm notifying them of the change in a timely manner.

 Amazon’s Cloud Drive service will soon be gone

Amazon claims that it is discontinuing Amazon Drive so that it may put more resources into Amazon Photos. The business likely wants to improve the Amazon Photos experience so that it can compete with Google Photos and Apple’s iCloud picture repository.

After the end of the calendar year 2023, you will no longer have access to Amazon Drive. After January 31, 2023, users will no longer be able to upload new files. Amazon Drive for iOS and Android will likewise be discontinued, albeit not until October 31, 2022.

Photos and videos stored in Amazon Drive can be easily transferred to Amazon Photos without any further work, but other items will need to be retrieved and relocated to another cloud storage service. On the plus side, you have plenty of time to do it. The top cloud storage services are discussed in this post, which will help you decide what to do next.

A local copy is preferred, and if there are space restrictions, the Amazon Photos Desktop program is highly recommended since it supports simultaneous downloads of up to around 5GB/1000 files. Amazon Drive’s Manage Storage page allows you to cancel your membership in case you change your mind. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for further information.

Amazon Drive, for the uninitiated, debuted in 2011 with 5GB of free storage space. It seems that it was unable to compete with other, more popular platforms, and is thus dying out. Whatever Amazon’s future intentions are for Amazon Photos, we have yet to see them.