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WhatsApp Newsletter Feature Currently In The Works

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About once a week, users will notice that WhatsApp is experimenting with a new function. In addition to developing a new feature that will allow you to learn about its upcoming features, it was recently discovered conducting tests of its capacity to retain vanishing messages.

WhatsApp Newsletter in the works

According to a recent claim from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will soon roll out an integrated chatbot that will send you messages to keep you informed on the app’s upcoming features, useful tips and tricks, and security and privacy settings.

As a result, you won’t miss a beat when it comes to learning about the latest happenings on the messaging platform owned by Meta. An image of the next update may be seen here. You can check it out down here.
Please be aware that you will not be able to reply to this chatbot in the same way that you would to those associated with other business accounts on the platform. This is a read-only conversation with an official WhatsApp account. This, like all other discussions on the platforms, will be encrypted from beginning to conclusion.

And if you don’t want to be bothered with WhatsApp-related updates, you can simply off the chatbot’s alerts. However, at this time, it is unknown whether or not this feature will ever be released. In such a case, we anticipate that the beta version will be made available to a smaller group of people before the final, stable version is released.

WhatsApp has been steadily updating with new capabilities. Because of this, it’s possible that this one is just around the corner as well. As of yet, we don’t have much of a grasp on the situation due to the lack of formal facts.

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