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Anime Dimensions: A List Of Active Codes (November 2022)

Credit: Anime Dimensions Wiki

To play Roblox’s Anime Dimensions Simulator, you’ll need to make your own Anime character, after which they’ll be able to travel across a number of different dimensions, each of which features a well-known setting from the Anime canon. Characters from these well-known anime can be battled and possibly defeated, while others can be collected, new dimensions unlocked, and power-up cards used to advance the player’s character’s level.

You must have heard about the latest Anime Dimensions Simulator codes for free gems, boosters, and more. The subgenre of anime fighting games has exploded in popularity on Roblox. While some experiences strive to be carbon copies of well-loved anime series, others embrace the ultimate crossover crisis by showcasing fan-favorite characters as they appear in a variety of media.

For anyone interested in redeeming codes for tasty in-game freebies in Anime Dimensions Simulator, we’ve compiled a list of all the codes currently available for use:

  • TOB1U35:  100 Gems & all Boosts
  • SH133LD:  100 Gems & all Boosts
  • SEASON2:  100 Gems, 100 Rain Tokens, & 20 mins of all Boosts
  • M1OC3H0I:  100 Gems & all Boosts
  • HALLOWEEN:  100 Gems, 100 Raid Tokens, & all Boosts
  • CHAINSAW:  100 Gems, 100 Raid Tokens & 20 mins of All Boosts (New)
  • BEAST:  100 Gems, 100 Rain Tokens, & 20 mins of all Boosts
  • BA131KUBRO:  100 Gems & all Boosts
  • B1EA3S6T: Redeem 100 Gems & All Boosts
  • AK1U3MA4:  100 Gems & all Boosts
  • 1CY3BO2RG:  100 Gems & all Boosts
  • 13SH7RINE:  100 Gems & All Boosts

Instructions for Redeeming Anime Dimensions Simulator Codes

Load up Anime Dimensions Simulator and use the Twitter button on the left side menu to redeem a code.  To claim your rewards, just type your code into the box and hit “Go.”

What is the procedure for acquiring additional Anime Dimensions Simulator key codes?
For more codes, be sure to follow the game’s creator, Coolbulls, on Twitter. If you want to connect with the official Discord server for the game, you can do so by registering with the Albatross Games server.

For Anime Dimensions Simulator, how do you acquire gems?

Finishing your Daily Quests is the greatest way to earn gems in Anime Dimensions. Completing all five daily tasks will unlock a new set each day at 5pm PT. If you finish them all, you’ll get a reward. You can also quickly acquire gems by redeeming promotional codes; just remember to do it before they expire! If you have a companion who is higher level than you, you can let him do all the effort in harder battles so that you can both level up and conquer more challenging content.