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Apex Legends Mobile: How Can You Finally Unlock Rhapsody?

Credit: Apex Legends

Rhapsody, the newest mobile-only Legend, has finally arrived and is ready to take over the Apex Games. Players are quite enthusiastic about the newest Legend, and they are keen in seeing how its gameplay differs from that of the previously released Legends. While increasing your level in the game will allow you to unlock all nine Legends, this will not happen for Fade or Loba since they were published earlier in the game’s timeline. Rhapsody may be unlocked in Apex Legends Mobile in two different methods, both of which are described in this article.

If you give the free-to-play gamers a fair chance to acquire Rhapsody, they will take advantage of this opportunity and start the grind to get a hold of the new Legend. The time spent grinding for Rhapsody is well worth it since his skill set and talents will provide you with something fresh to think about.

Rhapsody can be unlocked in Apex Legends Mobile in one of the following ways:

  • Battle Pass

This is the only option for players who access the game via the free-to-play model to get their hands on the brand-new Legend. Rhapsody may be unlocked after the player has collected 10 Rhapsody pieces, and players will get precisely that amount as a reward for completing free Battle Pass challenges. The Rhapsody Pieces may be found in the Free Battle Pass levels 1, 9, 13, 17, and 25, with each of those tiers holding a total of two Rhapsody fragments.

  • Syndicate Gold

Players may buy the Legend with Syndicate Gold after going to the Legend’s information page, clicking “Unlock,” and then making their payment. Syndicate Gold is a kind of in-game currency that can only be acquired via the use of real-world funds. If a player does not have enough Syndicate Gold, they may purchase more of it from the Store using whichever method of payment is most convenient for them.