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Garena Free Fire Best 5 Grenade Skins You Must Have

Credit: Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is one of Garena’s most popular mobile shooters for battle royales and it has a lot of players. In recent years, there has been a surprising rise, which has been maintained throughout, in the phenomenon’s popularity. There are a lot of different things that have led to Free Fire’s tremendous amount of success.

One of them is the excellent first-person shooter gaming experience that the creators provide. There are a wide variety of customizability options accessible in games, including character skills, pet abilities, weapon skins, and more.

Grenades, on the other hand, are considered one of the least important aspects of a game’s design in terms of how it confers a strategic advantage on players. In Free Fire, players have access to a variety of Grenade skins that may assist them in both attacking and defending against other players.

Here is a rundown of the top Grenade Skins in Free Fire.

In the game of free fire, grenades are one of the most important items that you may have. Grenades have the potential to inflict additional harm on players. Players that are hurt by grenades suffer damage to their health, and grenade blasts have the potential to end their lives very fast.

It is possible to utilize a grenade in a number of different ways, such as to draw an opponent out from cover, to deal huge damage, to break down gloop barriers, and to kill many enemies at the same time. In free fire, grenades already come in a diverse range of skins, which the player may choose from. Each explosion animation that comes with a Grenade skin is unique and different from the others.

  • Furious Rum

The Furious Rum grenade skin features an extra special effect that may be activated when it is used. It also has the appearance of a standard barrel that would be found aboard a pirate ship. The explosion that results from tossing a Furious Rum grenade at your adversary will take the form of a stylish and distinctive pirate skull. In spite of the fact that it costs 300 diamonds, which is a considerable amount more than the previous Free Fire grenade skins, the fact that its design, look, and bursting effect make it very essential for everyone to buy.

  • Feather Bomb

This humorous-looking Birthday Gift skin for the Free Fire grenade resembles a birthday cake and is available for purchase. This Bomb Gift skin with feathers and a high damage output was made available on the same day as Free Fire celebrated its second anniversary.

  • Santa’s Choice

This Grenade skin, which takes its design cues from the Winterland theme, does not fail to convey the very wintry atmosphere of the season, especially with the snow that covers the whole surface of the skin. Upon closer inspection, this skin gives the impression of a bomb that has been disguised as a snowman.

  • Wasteland

The fact that this skin features thorns that are ready to penetrate the body of an opponent when they are hit by the Wasteland Grenade Explosion is what sets it apart from other skins. It has a jagged exterior and a steel body that is covered in gold. It is styled with a theme that is reminiscent of the factory.

  • Explosive Brick

The Explosive Brick skin for the grenade in Free Fire is widely considered to be among the game’s best, since it is styled after a grenade that is constructed out of Lego bricks. Additionally, when the Explosive Brick skin is thrown at an opponent, it has a chance to explode, unleashing a great number of Lego colors that contribute to the overall impact.