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Clash of Clans’ 2022 Summer Update: Top Changes For The Clan Capital

Credit: Supercell

Clash of Clans’ 2022 Summer Update included various adjustments to the Clan Capital. After a few months of waiting, the Clan Capital was added to the strategy game in the Spring update and has provided an altogether new dimension of gameplay.

As a result, clans work together to develop their own capital while also attacking neighboring clans. Here are some of the adjustments to the Clan Capital that were included in the Summer 2022 Update based on player input.

Clan Capital changes

Enemy Clans may now be seen and scouted, among other things. In addition, you no longer need to go to the Clan Capital to check how many Capital assaults you have left; you can instead view it from the Airship in your Home Village.

The first big adjustment is to guarantee that Clans are using all of their Housing Space while engaging in an assault. After the update, players are now made aware that attacking without utilizing all of the allotted Housing Space is impossible.

When players start their capital assault before they know that a Capital Army Camp has completed upgrading, it results in their attacking with fewer troops than they might have utilized. This is to prevent that from happening.

The new system for distributing Raid Medals has been well received. Clan members used to get the same amount of Raid Medals regardless of how many raids they took part in. The same amount of Raid Medals would be awarded even if one clan member attacked six times while you only attacked once. For the first time, they will be granted depending on the amount of assaults you made during Raid Weekends. This should motivate players to get more involved.

With Clan Capital’s changes, there were also some adjustments and bug fixes that came with the update.