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Clash of Clans: Here’s How To Get 3 Stars In The Spooky Challenge

Credit: Royal Cell

Clash of Clans has added a new series of attacks called the Spooky Challenge. The rewards for achieving these challenges can be rather satisfying, in addition to the amusement they provide. Players may find it challenging to earn three stars for this challenge if they are unfamiliar with this combination of troops. A well-executed version of this attack approach, though, will offer you a fighting chance.

Using and conquering with 5 Royal Ghosts for 15 rounds, for example, will net you 2 Research Spells, giving you an advantage equivalent to spending two days in the lab. And there are terrifying barriers to overcome, including one super spell that can be used to awaken a certain super soldier for three days.

Where to start when carrying out the Spooky Challenge.

The First Step Is to Destroy Clan Castle

The Clan Castle is the primary objective, as it will prove to be a major source of difficulty if you don’t destroy it quickly. Three Royal Ghosts should be sent in to assault, as they will go unnoticed for the first few seconds. You can probably take out the Clan Castle before anyone notices.

Destroy the Hidden Tesla

Additionally, you need to go after the concealed Hidden Tesla. Two more Royal Ghosts should be sent into action alongside the X-Bows. To finish up the Hidden Teslas, use the skeletal Bombers s on them. When the bombers were destroyed, they exploded.

Take care of the Town Hall and Poison spell towers

If we don’t focus our assault on these two sorts of structures, we’ll have to use our complete offensive. The Poison Spell Towers’ core should be the first target of a Bomber attack. As soon as the spells have been cast, contact the Archer Queen about the Town Hall. Don’t be afraid to call on the Queen’s might.

You should cast 2 bat spells on the X-Bows and 1 royal ghost spell on the Hidden Tesla in the corner. The remaining Royal Ghosts should be sent to the towers housing the poison spells.