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The Google Pixel 6a Fingerprint Scanner Appears To Be Faster Than The One Of Its Predecessor

Credit: Google

At Google I/O 2022, the Pixel 6a was officially revealed; however, despite the fact that the phone has not yet been released, in typical Google manner, there are a large number of phones already out in the public. As a direct consequence of this, we already have a good understanding of how it will function after it has been distributed to end consumers. Some of the devices found their way to Malaysia, where they have been placed up for sale. We even have a video of the phone being unboxed and used, so check that out if you’re interested. It offers a nice experience with fingerprint unlocking, which appears to be more efficient and quicker than what Google formerly promised.

Fazli Halim, a Malaysian YouTuber, has already published a comprehensive video analysis of the phone. In the video, he discusses his impressions of the device as well as how it stacks up against the other Pixel 6 devices. In it, he demonstrates that the fingerprint scanner seems to be quicker and more trustworthy than the one that is included in the “flagship” devices. Since the debut of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, the fingerprint authentication have been riddled with problems. Even though Google has sent firmware upgrades in an effort to address the issues, the scanners continue to be unsatisfactory for the vast majority of users.

The fingerprint sensor on the Pixel 6a should prevent you from experiencing this issue. In the demonstration video, the Pixel 6a is compared to the Pixel 6 Pro, and it can be seen that the 6a can be unlocked more quickly and reliably than the Pixel 6 Pro, which requires you to keep your finger on the sensor for a little bit longer.

Even though it gets with the typical medium-range compromises such as no wireless charging and poorer camera equipment, the Pixel 6a could be the handset to buy if you’ve been wanting to get a Pixel 6 but have been waiting because of all the problems with the fingerprint sensor. If this is the case, you should consider getting the Pixel 6a.