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Google Maps Now Provides The Air Quality Score Of Your Location


As of Google Maps for Android and iOS, users may now see a rating for the quality of the air they are breathing in their immediate vicinity. The air quality index, or AQI, is a measure used by government agencies to alert the public about current and prospective levels of pollution in the atmosphere. Google Maps just introduced the ability to inform you whether the air quality in your region is great or harmful. It will be comparable to Google’s Pixel phones and Nest’s smart home hubs in terms of how it works.

The AQI level may range from 0 all the way up to 500 and is rated on a color system that goes from green to dark red. This scale shows how much pollution is in the air at any given time. Aside from the AQI, the only information that may be shown is information on the air quality and advise on whether or not you should go outside.

There are more cars on the road and more enterprises releasing dangerous chemicals into the air when there are more people around. There are more products to produce and transport when there are more buildings. Packing and shipping generate a lot of waste, which ends up in a landfill or a garbage disposal unit.

There are several health difficulties linked to poor air quality, including allergies and asthma, as a result of these various variables. As a result, cities must work together to reduce air pollution levels in their regions’ neighborhoods and surrounding areas. People may now use a variety of features on Google Maps to help them navigate the city, including real-time traffic updates and a visual depiction of the region’s many public transit options. These gadgets make it easier for individuals to get to the city. Adding an air purity index has made it more helpful than it was before, making it more accurate.