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GTA Update: Ned Luke Teases Content For GTA Online’s Next DLC

Credit: Unsplash.com

Playing GTA Online is among the biggest and most popular videogames. Rockstar’s upcoming GTA Online release is expected to generate as much excitement as Grand Theft Auto 6 did when it was first announced. Rockstar seldom teases or hints at these upgrades before they are scheduled to be released. That’s why GTA Online’s upcoming update if it’s regarding the update’s material or the launch date, is so hard to find out about. A fresh hint was supplied by Michael’s cast member Ned Luke.

According to recent rumors, Grand Theft Auto 5 character Michael may reemerge in a GTA Online update just like Franklin has indeed returned to GTA Online. A new NPC may appear next to Record A Studios, according to GTA Online data mines, in a location referred to as a “movie set.” According to GTA Online’s The Contract task, Michael is presently laboring at the Richards Majestic Productions movie company for Solomon Richards. Many fans jumped to the assumption that any film studio-related material had to contain Michael’s comeback.

Ned Luke, the actor who plays Michael Jackson’s voice, chose not to wait for a response from the singer’s publicist to see whether the report was real. By reposting an article about the story, Luke drew attention to it of his own accord. Luke’s response was a simply shrugged emoji beside the story.

The Grand Theft Auto Online fandom would have welcomed any reaction from Luke related to the speculation that he will be returning to voice Michael. Fans have erupted in jubilation at Luke’s decision to retweet a piece about the incident and remark on it himself.

At this moment in time, there has been no official statement or verification that Michael is returning to Grand Theft Auto Online through a new patch.