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GTA Online Sparrow Helicopter Gets Stolen By NPCs Twice In A Row

Credit: Rockstar

Every Grand Theft Auto game, particularly GTA Online, has frequent car robberies and thefts, as we can easily tell from the title. However, although it is more common for people to steal automobiles from NPCs or other players, it isn’t uncommon for an NPC to take a random car and drive away.

An NPC stealing a chopper from beneath a player’s feet is significantly more unusual. When another GTA Online NPC appeared and performed the same thing before the player could respond, one can only imagine their shock.

The player was riding in a Sparrow helicopter at the time of this occurrence. Within seconds of the video starting, Paulchen Lichtstrahl had a player inside his Sparrow, ready to either take off or land. As a result of this, an NPC runs around the Sparrow’s side, grabs its driver’s seat from the player, and settles in for a ride.

NPCs stole my Sparrow
byu/Paulchen_Lichtstrahl ingtaonline

The GTA Online player seemed befuddled at the time, gesturing at the NPC seated in the cockpit, who appeared pleased to sit there and do nothing. Unfortunately, a vehicle slams into them and knocks them off their feet before they can return it. Then, a second NPC rushes up and pulls the first one out of the Sparrow, then takes a seat themselves. As the previous NPC, they fly through the air immediately, departing with the user’s Sparrow and abandoning the player and initial NPC lingering about gazing at the sky, seeming bewildered.

Other comments expressed amazement and amusement at the helicopter really flying off under the direction of the second NPC, making fun of how nothing at all in Los Santos is safe or protected. A player’s helicopter may be taken by NPCs without the player’s knowledge. Aside from the fact that it might be annoying, it’s not a tremendous bother in GTA Online since having another car or even a helicopter brought to the area is not very difficult.