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iPhone 13 Tops The List Of Most-Selling Smartphones In China

Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash

The most recent report from Counterpoint Research was released a few days ago, and it indicated that the Apple iPhone 13 was the top-selling smartphone in the world for the month of April. In point of fact, eight of the top ten spots on the list were taken up by Apple products, including the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the iPhone 13 Pro, the iPhone 12, and the iPhone SE 3. Now, sales statistics from China’s just-completed 6.18 sales demonstrate that Apple iPhone 13 has trounced its local competitors. These purchases took place on June 18.

The Black Friday sales in the United States, Cyber Monday, and the festival that Amazon hosts for Prime Day are all comparable to China’s 6.18 shopping festival. Customers have a great chance to take advantage of this at the time of year when there are sales going on. This shopping event on June 18 is spread out over a period of 18 days throughout the month of June in China. During this particular selling time, the iPhone 13 was able to outsell its competitors more than any other product.

During the shopping festival, a report published by NoteBookCheck displayed sales visual data that was being shared throughout Chinese social media, in this example by @DTChat. The data highlighted the smartphones that were the most popular purchases. With sales reaching 2.82 million copies, the iPhone 13 demonstrated once again how popular it is.

Xiaomi takes second place

In addition to the iPhone 13, Xiaomi is responsible for taking the majority of the slots on the list of the most successful smartphone brands. With sales of 341,000 copies, the Redmi K50 comes in a poor second place on the list. The following nine slots, which get us to number 10, are all taken by Xiaomi products. With 234,000 units sold, the Xiaomi 12X was able to earn the third slot on the list, while the Redmi K50 Pro and the Redmi 10A were able to secure the fourth and fifth spots, respectively. On the other hand, the total sales of total Xiaomi units were at 1.92 million units, which was a long cry from the sales of 2.82 million units for the iPhone 13. iQOO 9 came in 11th place overall, claiming the slot.