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Madden NFL 23 Download Time, Size and Preload Instructions

Credit: Madden 23

Madden 23 Download Size has been slowly being disclosed as the release date draws near, and gamers can hardly wait.

Get ready for Madden 23’s debut by learning its download size and how to preload it in advance.

  • Madden 23 Download Size

While Madden 23 won’t be available for download on any platform for a few more days, its estimated file size has been made public.

This year’s edition of Madden NFL 23 is available for download on Xbox, and we’ve verified that the game’s initial file size on Xbox Series X|S is just 46.14 GB.

This is a substantial decrease from Madden 22’s 61 GB, however it might still vary depending on the platform you’re using.

The Steam Store page indicates that at least 50 GB of free space is required; we have not yet been able to confirm the size of the download on PlayStation or PC.

We know that several features of the game, such as Ultimate Team, have been simplified this year, and that other plays have been removed to simplify playbooks, both of which might have contributed to the reduced download size.

That 46.14 GB download might grow if the Day One Patch is released closer to the game’s release date.

  • Ahead of time Madden 23 preparation

If you want to get right into the action when Madden 23 releases, you should have it downloaded and set up in advance.

Xbox users enjoy the most streamlined approach for preloading Madden 23, and we can confirm that this is possible even if you haven’t yet made a pre purchase.

Players on Xbox should enable the Xbox mobile app to begin downloads on their console, then search for Madden 23 inside the app, then choose “Download to Console”.