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New Renderings Of The Impending iPhone 15 Pro Have Been Made Public

Credit: 9to5mac

New renderings seem to be providing us with our first glimpse at the impending iPhone 15 Pro, despite the fact that we have quite a bit of information on the device according to previous reports and rumors. This is supposedly based on a CAD model from a reputable case maker. When it comes to the real design, things may seem to be different at any given time, but this is where things stand now.

When it is only in one solid color, it is very difficult to perceive all of the distinctions at first look. This is true for the majority of the differences. When contrasted with the iPhone 14 Pro, however, there are a few noteworthy differences, as the authors of 9to5Mac point out in their article. The Lightning connector has been replaced with a USB-C port, which is perhaps the most significant alteration that we can see. The port bring seems to be located on the bottom, just close to the bottom firing speaker, giving the impression that it is quite similar to the type that is now in production.

In terms of the other distinctions, the media source says that the mobile device has a more streamlined appearance, with rounded corners on the glass that connects to the metal frame. This is most noticeable along the corners, and it contributes to an overall appearance that flows a little bit better. Due to the fact that the existing model has pretty sharp corners, this will almost certainly also feel quite a deal better overall. The back camera array has been updated to include what seems to be a larger island as well as bigger lenses, making it one of the most likely candidates for the most significant redesign.

At this time, the reason why there have been reports that Apple would add a periscope zoom camera in its next Pro models is unclear; yet, there have been such rumors. We can also observe alterations to the region that contains the buttons, which is not the least of these visible changes. The elimination of physical buttons has been said to be one of Apple’s future design priorities, so it’s possible that they may look a little bit different from Apple’s earlier versions. As was said before, it is possible that the CAD model is inaccurate or that circumstances might develop in a different manner. But we won’t know for sure until Apple releases the new iPhone later on in this year.