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New VidMate 3.5404 Update is Now Available


If you are the type of person who enjoys spending your free time while watching online videos, then we have just the perfect app for you. The app we are talking about is called VidMate and it makes watching online videos way more accessible and simpler. How does VidMate do that? Well, this app has been developed with one purpose in mind, and that’s to make it possible for people to download online videos and watch them offline.

Watching Online Videos Without Internet

Even though this might sound impossible at first, VidMate does make it possible for everyone to enjoy their favorite online videos without needing to connect their smartphones to an internet connection.

The way this works is rather simple. VidMate can download videos from any websites, and we really mean any websites, which means that people can fill up their smartphone’s microSD card with lots of funny and interesting videos to watch in their free time.

Constant Updates

The fact that VidMate does the impossible is not the best thing about it! The best thing about VidMate is that its free to use. Therefore, people who choose to give VidMate a try will be able to download all their favorite online videos without having to pay a dime. To top it all off, VidMate also receives a constant stream of updates that improve its performances.

VidMate 3.5404 APK Update

Since we are talking about VidMate, we need to mention that a brand-new APK update has just been released. The reason why VidMate’s developers need to roll out updates in the form of APK and not OTA (over the air) is because VidMate’s features go against the Terms of Service of most websites and therefore, Google is not allowed to list the app on the official Google Play Store.