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Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour – Meditite and Exclusive Research Breakthroughs

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We are at the last hour of the period of July, and there will be one further Spotlight hour to go until a fresh batch of events is introduced in Pokemon Go. Gamers will be able to get Meditite as the highlighted Pokemon during the very final Spotlight Hour of the month of July. The event will begin promptly at six o’clock in the evening and will continue for a period of one hour.

Because the timing for this activity is based on the player’s location, gamers in certain areas, such as New Zealand, will have access to it earlier than players in other locations. During the period of time when this event is active, Meditite will be seen more frequently in the wilderness. Supporters were a little underwhelmed with the offers from the previous week, however, Niantic does have a fresh Pokemon for gamers to try out this week. It is possible that many people do not already own the Pokemon, therefore this is a fantastic chance for gamers to acquire it to their collection.

As part of the perks that are being offered for this week, gamers will get double the number of experience points that they normally would. Utilizing your Pokemon sweets at this time is a smart move if you really want to advance your level as quickly as possible. As is customary, this is not limited to the Pokemon that are currently being highlighted; as a result, you may develop whatever Pokemon and still receive the perks.

Lastly, in terms of the shining state of the Pokemon, there is, in fact a shiny variant of Meditite that can be found in the videogame. This is not the least important point, though. In contrast to the standard Meditite, which has a blue look, the glossy kind of this mineral has a red look, making it simple to identify when it is found in nature.