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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Allegedly Introducing A Legendary Fairy/Steel Pokémon

Credit: Nintendo

Only three months remain until the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, signaling the end of the Pokemon Sword and Shield period. Leaks about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s precise number of Pokemon suggest that the Gen 9 games will significantly alter the genre by introducing new elements and a large number of pocket monsters. Finding fascinating new and old type combinations that transform in form in the new generation to create one-of-a-kind creatures is one of the most intriguing features of new mainline Pokemon games.

The new Fire Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will reportedly have a novel concept, splitting into a fiery warrior and a flaming sword depending on which version of the game is being played. Multiple Pokemon Scarlet and Violet creatures with unutilized type combos, such as Poison/Steel engine Pokemon or Fire/Grass fusion chili pepper pocket creature, may be found in the leaked Pokedex. The speculated hammer Pokemon, a three-stage monster that is also Fairy/Steel, is a type combination that stands out in Gen 9.

Fairy/Steel is one of the finest type combinations in the game, if not the best, with a vulnerability to Fire and Ground but a total of nine resistances and immunity to two types, making this revealed monster quite significant. Fairy/Steel Pokemon are highly sought after defensively for the aforementioned reasons, and also because one of the immunities gained by being half Fairy-type is to Dragon-type techniques, which are commonly regarded as one of the most powerful types in the game with Fairy and Steel.

It is common knowledge that Fairy/Steel Pokemon, led by Mega Mawile and Zacian, have consistently dominated competitive bouts because of their exceptional type and offensive powers, regardless of the format in which they appeared. Although Zacian’s Legendary status grants it impressive stats, it is sometimes limited in tournaments or just takes that slot if available, leaving less room for other powerful pocket monsters. None of the four existing Fairy/Steel Pokemon are multi-stage creatures. Also, in Gen 8, Zacian can only Megamax with a very special held item, and it can’t Dynamax or Gigantamax without that item.