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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Might Run Into Some Issues WIth Terastallization

Credit: Nintendo

The third trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet included an in-depth explanation regarding the Paldea area. This commentary helped shed some light on various mysteries that had been surrounding Gen 9 until quite recently. Paldean Wooper, Fidough, and Cetitan are the three new Pokemon that were unveiled, and The Pokemon Company also demonstrated the new combat gimmick that will be available for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. This mechanism is known as Terastallization, and it gives trainers the ability to alter the type of their Pokemon to one that corresponds to a Tera type by making use of a unique item.

The latent Tera type may be any one of the other 18 varieties that are currently available in the series. Trainers may Terastallize their Pokemon for offensive or defensive reasons, therefore deliberately altering their type on the fly, which is useful for team variation and adaptability when competing in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet because of the focus placed on Terastallization in those games. The fact that any Pokemon may have any type does, however, provide for certain situations in which the Terastal phenomenon might be problematic and lead to undesirable outcomes. Abilities and moves that have anything to do with Pokemon kinds, even in the slightest, are the most common causes of this issue.

Shedinja is the sole Pokemon to have the ability Wonder Guard, which gives it immunity to harm that isn’t considered to be particularly powerful. This makes it one of the more intriguing examples of the Terastal phenomena. The fact that Shedinja is a Ghost and Bug-type Pokemon with just one health point is its selling point. This means that while it is immune to 13 of the 18 kinds, the other types will kill it in a single hit if they encounter it. Shedinja have the ability to alter their type through a technique called terastallization, which prevents certain attacks from being used against them by their opponents.

The user of an item known as a “Air Balloon” is granted immunity to attacks of the Ground type; however, the immunity is lost once the Pokemon is struck by a move of any other kind. The one-of-a-kind Pokemon might terastallize into an Electric-type with the help of Air Balloon if Shedinja and Air Balloon are both present in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In this way, it would basically become invincible to all 18 different kinds. Sandstorm, Hail, moves that do no damage but apply either Poison or Burn, and field attacks that hurt Pokemon upon entering the battlefield are the only ways to beat Shedinja if this is the case. Other moves that may be used include moves that inflict no damage but apply either Poison or Burn.