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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: New Trailer Should Come Out On 3 August

Credit: Nintendo

Pokemon enthusiasts have been on an emotional roller coaster this past week. Recent community leaks have flooded the internet with new details on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Almost nothing has been verified officially, although credible leakers claim a good chunk of it is correct. Fans of Pokemon, however, are eager to hear the facts from Nintendo and Game Freak themselves. As a result, anticipation for the upcoming trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is at an all-time high.

Possible trailer release date? Should also be noted that August 3rd is a Wednesday
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Discussions over the release date of the upcoming official trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have flourished in a thread on the dedicated subreddit. There are a lot of Pokemon enthusiasts who believe the idea put out by Reddit user OleBroseph, which is presented in this post, is correct. Pre-order dates and historical tendencies from Nintendo are the basis for this idea, which suggests an event on August 3.

This is how the theory is supposed to operate. The Japanese promotional website for Pokemon Legends Arceus said that pre-orders will be available beginning on August 19. The next Pokemon-themed event took place on August 18 with Pokemon Presents. A Pokemon Presents event would make sense the day before Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet go up for pre-order, too. It just so happens that the physical pre-orders for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will begin on August 4 in Japan, according to the official promotional website for the games.


It is easy to think that Nintendo will wish to launch a massive advertising campaign prior to the start of pre-orders, and there is historical evidence that Nintendo has followed a timeline similar to this one. After all, it’s a fantastic strategy for increasing early pre-order purchases. Wednesday, August 3, is also the day that Nintendo published the Pokemon Legends Arceus Pokemon Presents video.



Naturally, this is just conjecture at this point. There’s no reason to expect a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet teaser from Nintendo any particular week. True, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are coming out significantly sooner than usual for the series. In addition, Nintendo has yet to debut any trailers for upcoming Pokemon games at E3. As it stands, the marketing tempo for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is wrong, but August 3 is a solid guess.


True, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be available for purchase on November 18, just 4 months from now. Without a doubt, this will be the most anticipated Switch-exclusive game of the year, if not the whole year of 2022, from Nintendo. Between now and then, you can expect that a lot of advertising, such as trailers, will be poured into it.