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The Last of Us Part 1 Reveals Brand New Trailer


The sequel to “The Last of Us” is in the works. Naughty Dog has gone back to the drawing board and is releasing a complete recreation of the original game named The Last of Us Part 1 in anticipation of the forthcoming premiere of the HBO series The Last of Us. Sony and Naughty Dog have revealed the unique features that will be available in this remaster when it is released in September in a new blog post.

The news comes after hours of gameplay of Naughty Dog’s remake leaked previously via XboxEra co-founder, Nick Baker. Baker demonstrated gameplay videos that showcased the game’s accessible features and control options, as well as its two graphical styles, combat, and crafting. Baker took down the videos after they received a lot of attention, giving Naughty Dog time to make its own official explanation.

Naughty Dog’s trailer includes 10 minutes of commentary and explanations from several Naughty Dog staff members. While developing the flashback sequences to the original game for The Last of Us 2, co-president Neil Druckmann says the team was enthusiastic about the prospect of producing The Last of Us Part 1. With the success of its sequel, the studio has discussed the potential of redoing the first game to reflect the vision Naughty Dog had in 2013 but which was unable to implement due to technical limitations.

The video continues to explain how Naughty Dog plans to use the PS5’s hardware to recreate The Last of Us. Combat and development footage further demonstrate that both the opposing AI and the in-game teammates have been upgraded to provide a more realistic gaming experience. The remake will have improved artificial intelligence with a slew of additional features, including a difficulty slider, in-game unlockables, and modes like “permadeath” as well as a speed running option. A lot of what Nick Baker spilled turned out to be accurate, particularly about the fidelity and performance graphical options he mentioned.