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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Regional Tauros Will Be Available In Different Areas

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Since Game Freak hasn’t published an official trailer or any information on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in over a month, there have been several rumors and leaks. Some of them might be untrue, but they were gathered from credible sources anyway. For instance, Khu, an apparently retired but always dependable leaker in the community, revealed that Fuecoco’s ultimate form features a bird composed of fire perched on its head.

The newest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet regional Tauros rumor, if accurate, might be thrilling for fans. However, it is important to take such rumors and leaks with a healthy dose of skepticism. There has been speculation that, given its historical ties to Spain, Tauros will get a new regional form; nevertheless, it now seems that it may theoretically receive three.

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Recent leaks suggest that the territory inhabited by Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is called Paldea in Japan. It seems that Paldea is divided into three main zones, however the actual names of these divisions have not yet been determined for English areas. This is significant because it indicates that there will be three distinct kinds of Paldean Tauros. To be clear, there is only one Pokemon, however its look and kind will vary according on the region it is caught in.

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The look and nature of this regional Tauros, it appears, will vary depending on where it is captured. The other two Tauros are mystery dual-types, however one is reported to be a pure Fighting type. This makes Tauros an intriguing possibility, and, depending on the precise designs/types of these Tauros forms, it might wind up becoming one of the most popular Scarlet and Violet-exclusive Pokemon.

After all, many players have long wished for Tauros to have a regional variant. Several purportedly new Pokemon forms will be included in Scarlet and Violet.