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Rent-A-Girlfriend: When Is Season 3 Coming Out?

Credit: Rent-A-Girlfriend

Produced by Reiji Miyajima, the show follows Kazuya Kinoshita and his several temporary girlfriends. Another season of Rent-A-Girlfriend has concluded on a cliffhanger. Now the issue is, will there be a Season 3 of Rent-A-Girlfriend?

Thankfully, Season 3 of Rent-A-Girlfriend has been announced by the show’s official Twitter account. Their Twitter announcement reads, “Rent-A-Girlfriend has been renewed for a second season and production has begun.” It was to be expected that the show will be renewed for a third season due to the sheer volume of material still unexplored, but when can we expect to see it?

Currently, Season 3 of Rent-A-Girlfriend does not have a scheduled premiere date. But if we consider the time that has passed between the seasons before, 2024 seems like a reasonable release date. In any case, an early release is still a possibility.

Season 3 might perhaps air as soon as 2023 if we’re lucky. It’s possible that the two-year hiatus between seasons was caused by the pandemic’s effect on Japanese animation studios. Season 3 of Rent-A-Girlfriend could premiere sooner now that life is getting back to normal.

The third season of Rent-A-Girlfriend will pick up roughly where the second season left off, which is Chapter 104 of the manga. The iconic Rental Girlfriend’s Dream Arc, in which Kazuya and Chizuru attempt to direct a film, will be discussed.

In light of the fact that Chizuru’s grandmother is aging rapidly, her family hopes she lives to see her granddaughter realize her lifelong ambition of being a successful actor. Mini Yaemori, a new girl, will also be introduced this season. This plot line is the most touching of all the others.

TMS Entertainment, who also animated the first two seasons, will return to animate season three. Additionally, they have become well-known for their work on other anime.

The news was shared alongside the post announcing Season 3’s renewal. TMS Entertainment has so far showed outstanding consistency with its animation and a dedication to staying true to the source material. Rent-A-Girlfriend has fared well in its first two seasons, so the third season should be in good hands.