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SHAREit – Top 3 Features That You Should Try!


SHAREit is one of the best apps in the world when it comes to sharing data between multiple smartphones. This app has been downloaded by nearly ten million people only from the Google Play Store and this makes it clear to us that the features that SHAREit has to offer are of premium quality.

Nonetheless, today we are going to check out some of SHAREit’s best features in order to get an idea of why this app is considered as a “must-have” on all smartphones.

Not a Simple File Sharing App

The first thing that we want to mention about SHAREit is that this is not a simple file sharing app. Even though SHAREit might be the fastest in the business, being able to share files at speeds of up to 40MB/s, this is not the best feature that SHAREit has to offer. What many people don’t know about this app is that SHAREit is also a great app to watch online videos with.

Watch Online Videos with Built-in Media Player

SHAREit features a built-in media player that people can use in order to play all the videos that are stored on their smartphones. This media player is great because it can play all types of videos and not just the ones received through SHAREit from other smartphones.

Space Analyzer

Since we are talking about features that most SHAREit users don’t know about, then we have to present Space Analyzer. This feature can be used to see just how much space audio, video and all other type of files are taking on your smartphone’s internal space.

Duplicate Files Manager

This feature goes hand in hand with the one mentioned above. The duplicate files manager can be used in order to see if there are any duplicate files and to delete them in order to free up internal storage space.