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SHAREit’s New 4.7.80 Update Brings Improvements to the QR Code Scanner


If you enjoy using SHAREit when it comes to transferring important data between multiple smartphones, then we have some amazing news to share with you today! The highly popular Android app has just received a new update that changes its version number to 4.7.80.

This is a high-priority release because it comes with a bunch of important software changes such as optimizing the QR code guide for example. Nonetheless, today we are going to cover everything there is to know about the update so that all SHAREit fans know what’s coming their way.

New SHAREit Update

As previously mentioned, the new SHAREit update is changing the app’s version number to 4.7.80. The developers of SHAREit are currently rolling out the update via official OTA (over the air) channels right now. Therefore, we are advising all SHAREit users to keep their smartphones connected to the internet and to download the new update as soon as it pops up in their notifications panel.

Software Optimization

The reason why the new update is such a high-priority download for all SHAREit users is that instead of introducing new features and exciting graphics changes, the update focuses on improving the overall performances of the app and this is what really matters.

Therefore, the latest update is going to optimize the overall performances of the app. The first change that SHAREit users are going to notice is that the QR code guide has been updated so that it is faster and easier to use. Not just that, but the receiving scanning process has also been improved.

Bug Fixes

The latest 4.7.80 release wouldn’t be a SHAREit update if it didn’t come with any bug fixes. The developers who are in charge of SHAREit are constantly enhancing the overall stability of the app and they are doing this by introducing bug fixes.