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SnapTube – New Beta Update Has Arrived


What better way to start off a new week other than to receive a new update for your favorite app? With that being said, SnapTube users should be happy to know that the developers who are in charge of the online video downloader have just released a brand-new update that comes in the form of APK.

The new update introduces a couple of major software tweaks that are not just going to improve SnapTube’s performances, but also help it download online videos at a much faster pace than usual.

New Update

The first thing that we want to note about SnapTube’s latest update is the fact that it changes the online video downloader’s build number to Beta. The new update is currently available only to SnapTube Beta testers, but there is a workaround that makes the update available also to SnapTube users who are not that keen on enrolling in the beta program.

The trick to installing the new update without enrolling the beta program is to manually download it in the form of APK and then install it on the smartphone. Moreover, APK updates can only be installed on Android powered devices that have the “Unknown Sources” option enabled.

Faster Performances

As we have mentioned in the beginning, the new update for SnapTube comes with major software tweaks which improvements bring improvements to the app’s overall performances. This means that SnapTube’s boot time will be shorter than usual and that the animations featured in the app’s UI (user interface) will also move smoother and faster.

However, the best thing about the new APK update for SnapTube is that it also improves the online video download speed of the app. To top it all off, the developers have also included a batch of bug fixes that take care of known issues.