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Top Anime Torrent Websites in 2022

Credit: Pokémon

There are numerous people out there who enjoy watching anime in 2022. Whether it’s Naruto, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, or some other title, animes still have huge amounts of fans. Guess what? They’ll continue to have huge amounts of fans for plenty of years, despite some people not liking the idea.

So how can you watch episodes of your favorite anime? One option is to download them online via torrent websites, although we don’t encourage it one bit. We’ve made a list just to inform you of what torrent websites people prefer for downloading anime, but if you choose to use those links, you’ll be doing it at your own risk!


This website is incredibly popular, as it has over 45 million visits every month. There’s not even need to register an account, which means that all you have to do if you decide to see what’s it made of is to use that search bar to search for your favorite anime!

Although anime represent the specialty of nya.si, people also use the website to find TV shows, e-books, and audio content.


AnimeTosho.org also gets a lot of attention for the easy access that it offers for users. There’s no wonder why the website receives over 1,5 million visits every month, and no account registration is needed here as well. Users can find lots of anime movies and TV shows.

AnimeTosho is also ad-free, which is surely an important aspect nowadays since most websites out there are bombing us with ads.


Here we have a private anime community, which means that not everybody has access. You’ll need to register an account if you want to explore the website a bit.

BakaBT.me generates more than 370,000 visit per month, and it was supposedly made by true anime fans.


Torlock is banned in many countries, but even so, it remains with an impressive fanbase. The website has about 3 million new visits every month.

There’s not even a need to register an account, and the number of visits that this website gets every month is also huge: roughly 3 million.


If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to torrent websites for anime, you should definitely give AniDex a try. Users have access to numerous files, including anime, games, apps, and a lot more. All they need to do is make their decision well enough.

AniDex is getting over 700,000 visits every single month, which, we have to admit, it is pretty impressive!


Despite being banned in many countries, 1337x.to remains highly popular. It offers lots of content, and not just what has to do with anime. Users can find music, apps, comics, TV shows, and a lot more.

1337x.to has a staggering amount of over 71 million visits each month, and you don’t even need to register an account to use the website.


TorrentDownloads.pro is another torrent website with a huge number of visits: about 4 million per month. As in the case of 1337x.to, there are many types of content available here as well that is NOT anime: music, software, games, e-books, you name it!


If French is your game, you can try out this website where everything is written in the language of love! Users go to anime-ultime.net to find complete anime series, and they can even find media streaming.

Anime-Ultime.net offers access to lots of anime movies and TV shows, and registering an account is not needed. The website is receiving a lot of attention from users, as it gets over 500,000 visits every month.

This was our list, and we hope you found it useful! Feel free to leave us a comment below!