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TubeMate – Download Online Videos, Podcasts and Free Music


Do you spend lots of time watching online videos? This is something that we all do and the reason behind that is simple, nowadays we can get all the media entertainment that we want directly from our smartphones by watching online videos instead of turning on the TV.

There are many advantages that watching videos online brings over watching cable TV, but the biggest one is the fact that users get to pick and choose the shows that they want to watch and they don’t have to sit through hours of annoying commercials anymore.

Online Entertainment

Online videos are taking over the entertainment industry and it looks like Hollywood knows that too well because more and more movies and series are being filmed exclusively for platforms like Netflix, HBO Go and Amazon Prime.

Even though these platforms might be filled with awesome and videos that people can watch in their free time, there is a big downside to them. They all require an internet connection in order to work and this makes them impossible to use while on the go because no one wants to use up all their mobile data in order to stream online videos.

How to Watch Online Videos Offline

While this might sound like too impossible to be true, there is an app that makes online videos available while offline. The app is called TubeMate and it’s renowned throughout the Android community for the features that it has to offer. With that being said, people who decide to give TubeMate a try will find out that they can download videos from every website they want and this includes social media platforms as well.

The amazing thing about TubeMate is that it makes the process of downloading online videos very simple. The app is equipped with a friendly UI (user interface) that makes it possible everyone to download online videos, even for people who never imagined that this would be possible because most websites restrict this from ever happening.

The only thing that TubeMate users need to do in order to download their favorite videos is to simply search for the video with keywords through the app’s UI and then just click on the big “Download” button.

TubeMate is Really Fast!

Considering the fact that TubeMate is an app which has been developed with the sole purpose of downloading online videos, no one should be shocked to find out that it does this really fast. TubeMate uses multiple thread connections when downloading online videos which help take average download speeds to the next level.

Not just that, but multiple thread connections also make it possible for TubeMate to start downloading videos right where they left off in case the user shuts down the app.

Get Free Music and Podcasts

Another cool feature that TubeMate offers is a built-in MP3 converter that can take any music video that users find online and then transform it into a simple MP3 track in a matter of seconds. The converter can also be used by clever people who want to download podcasts, but don’t want the file to take up too much internal storage space.

As we all know, podcasts tend to last between two to three hours and the video footage doesn’t really matter. Therefore, converting podcasts into MP3 files is the wisest choice.

Final Words

We think we made it clear that TubeMate is a top app that all Android fans should consider trying at least. Having TubeMate installed on your smartphone basically means that you will get access to a never-ending source of videos, podcasts and free music.