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TubeMate: How to Watch Online Videos Without Mobile Data or Wi-Fi


Watching movies and TV shows has always been the best way to pass free time. However, this started getting quite annoying when TV companies started introducing more and more commercials that made it seem like people have to sit through fifteen minutes of ads in order to watch ten minutes of entertaining content.

Fortunately, streaming services such as Netflix and HBO Go have seen this as an opportunity to give people a way to watch their favorite shows by paying a small subscription fee which guarantees that there won’t be any ads to disrupt people’s entertainment.

The Downside of Streaming Services

While streaming services might be a big upgrade in comparison with classic cable TV, there’s still a big downside to them. Everyone who wants to watch a TV show or movie needs to have a strong Wi-Fi or mobile data connection on their smartphone in order to stream the video. The problem with this is that mobile data is really expensive and free Wi-Fi is hard to find.

How to Watch Online Videos Offline

Even though this might seem like an impossible task at first, there is a way for people to watch online videos without needing to keep their smartphones connected to the internet. The way to do this is to download TubeMate and install it on your smartphone.

For those who are unfamiliar with this app, TubeMate can achieve the impossible! TubeMate can download online videos from any website and this is what makes it a “must-have” app for everyone.

People who decide to give TubeMate a try will be able to download all their favorite TV shows, movies and other shows on their microSD storage space and then watch them while offline. We should also note that TubeMate is free to use and that it doesn’t have a limit on how many online videos users can download and enjoy.