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TubeMate – Watch Online Videos Without Wi-Fi


How much time do you spend watching videos on YouTube? I bet that it’s a lot because everyone gets all their online entertainment and music directly through YouTube nowadays. Although, spending lots of time on YouTube is not necessarily a bad thing because it’s always better than sitting in front of the TV and watching nonstop commercials instead.

Another great thing about YouTube is that people can pick and choose the videos that they want to watch and maybe learn something new by watching a tutorial or just get a good laugh by watching a fail compilation.

How to Watch YouTube Offline

If there’s one feature that all YouTube fans have been asking for a couple of years now, then it must be the ability to download online videos. This would make YouTube available while offline which means that people would have access to an endless source of entertainment that they can access even when there’s no Wi-Fi around.

Even though YouTube might not allow its users to download online videos because the platform wouldn’t be able to generate revenue through advertisement, there’s still a way for YouTube users to download online videos and this can be done via TubeMate.

Introducing TubeMate

For those who are unfamiliar with TubeMate, this is a powerful Android app that makes it possible for everyone to download online videos from YouTube. Not just that, but TubeMate can also download videos from all types of online video streaming platforms and this makes it a really great app to have.

The cool thing about TubeMate is not only the fact that it can download online videos, but also that it can download music. TubeMate ships with a pre-installed MP3 converter which makes it possible for users to download the latest music videos and convert them into simple tracks in an instant.