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VidMate: Update 3.6204 Update Has Arrived!


Did you ever wish there was a way for you to watch online videos during boring times such as waiting in line for something or riding the bus to school/work? Free Wi-Fi is nearly impossible to find and even though you might find one, we still advise against it since free Wi-Fi networks are not always secure and third-party entities can access your private data.

Fortunately, VidMate is here to save the day because this app makes it possible for users to download the online videos that they like so that they can watch them while offline.

VidMate: Download Online Videos

If we were to sum up all of VidMate’s features into one single sentence, then it would have to be that VidMate lets users download online all the online videos that they want while they are at home, connected to a safe Wi-Fi network, and then store them on their smartphone’s microSD for later use. Although, the best thing that VidMate brings to the table is its ability to download online videos from everywhere!

New 3.6204 Update

Since we are talking about VidMate, we need to mention that the update has received a brand-new update five days ago (January 5th). This is a maintenance update which measures in at 11.59MB and the only requirement to install it is to have a smartphone that runs on a minimum of Android 4.0 operating system.

Enhanced Software Stability

The new update can be found on VidMate’s official website and we advise all VidMate users to download it as soon as possible. The reason why we are saying this is because the new 3.6204 update introduces a bunch of software tweaks that enhance VidMate’s software stability. Therefore, the new update makes sure that VidMate doesn’t randomly crash or feature any annoying bugs.