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Xender: The Best App to Share Important Files (iOS and Android)


The biggest benefit that carrying a smartphone in your pocket at all times brings is the fact that you get access to thousands of cool apps. Nowadays, there is an app for everything and there are some that can even improve your work productivity! The perfect example of this is Xender.

This app has been designed with one purpose in mind, and that is to help people share files and remove all operating system restrictions that Google and Apple are enforcing on their fanbases.

Introducing Xender

As previously mentioned, Xender can share files between multiple smartphones. The thing that makes Xender special is that it’s a cross-platform app which can be installed on both Android and iOS.

Therefore, Xender achieves the impossible task of making it possible for Android users to send files to their friends who might own an iOS-powered device such as Apple’s latest iPhone XS for example.

Xender is Superfast!

Considering that Xender has been designed for the sole purpose of sharing files, no one should be shocked to find out that the developers have created a special technology that improves the speed at which people can share data.

Xender doesn’t require a Bluetooth or USB connection and instead, it does it over Wi-Fi hotspots. This means that multiple people can join the hotspot and transfer important data while doing it as superfast speeds that reach up to 20 Mb/s.

If 20 Mb/s doesn’t sound fast enough for you, then you should know that this is 200 times faster than the speed at which Bluetooth can send files!

Premium User Experience

The last thing we need to go over when it comes to Xender is the premium user experience that this app offers. Xender is constantly being updated with bug fixes and software tweaks that ensure users receive a premium experience and that they can share files without having to worry about random crashes.