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You Can Use Mods in Google’s Snake Game – Learn How

Credit: Google

If you had also been spending many days in a row struggling to make the snake as large as possible while grabbing fruits, it means you were addicted to one of the most exciting classic games for mobile devices that was ever made. Its name is simply Snake, and it was popularized in an era when touchscreen phones didn’t even exist.

Even so, you still have the possibility of playing Snake today, and that doesn’t necessarily imply searching for an ‘ancient’ Nokia phone in your attic or basement. Google offers the possibility for anyone to run the classic game directly in the browser by simply tapping “Snake game” in the search bar.

Add mods to Google Snake in simple steps

There’s at least a way to add mods to the legendary Snake game, and we’ll gladly show you how to do it. There are already countless versions of the legendary Snake game out there, but they all share the same old concept: make that snake as big as possible by eating fruits and not crashing into a wall or into itself.

Let’s cut to the chase; here’s how to add mods to Google Snake:

  1. Grab the Google Snake Menu Mod from the GitHub dedicated page.
  2.  Find the Moremenu.html file and save it.
  3. Open bookmarks by hitting the CTRL + SHIFT + O formula.
  4.  Select the three dots that are visible in the top right corner of the screen.
  5. Select ‘Import bookmarks.’
  6.  Import the Moremenu.html file.
  7.  Give the file a new name: ‘Snake Game Menu.’
  8.  Open Google Snake.
  9.  Head over to the Settings area of the game.
  10. Find ‘Snake Game Menu’ in your list of bookmarks.
  11. Now you can add the mods, congrats!

Don’t try to win in Snake! This is one of those games where everybody loses sooner or later, but that didn’t stop it from becoming extremely popular!