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YouTube Has A New Plan to Stop Dislike Bots


Everyone on YouTube is trying to understand the algorithm that makes videos get listed on the World Trending page. Some content creators have a pretty good idea about how this works and they use clickbait titles and thumbnails that get viewers to click on the videos. However, getting viewers to stay around for the entirety of the video is the tricky part because this is how the content creators can generate revenue through Adsense.

Cracking the YouTube Algorithm

Nonetheless, the one thing that all content creators agree on when it comes to cracking the algorithm is that the video should have a positive like/dislike ratio. This is why you will always hear content creators asking their viewers to “smash” that like button. On the other hand, large groups of bots can ruin a video’s credibility by “smashing” the dislike button.

Dislike Bots

One of the biggest problem that content creators have to deal with on YouTube are mobs of viewers who dislike their videos. The problem here is that the viewers don’t have to be people because bots will do the job just fine. From the looks of it, YouTube is aware of this problem and is trying to do something about it.

Tom Leong is the Project management Director at YouTube and he recently posted a video update where he explains that YouTube is working on a new way of preventing “dislike mobs” that ruin the chances of a video to go viral.

Tom Leung said that there are multiple ways of preventing this from happening and that one of them would be to ask viewers to write a short message in which they explain what they don’t like about the video. This is going to discourage many viewers from downvoting videos without a good reason and also make it way more trickier for bots to do it anymore.