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All Phones Might Have User-replaceable Batteries In The Future

Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash

The committee representing the European Union continues to advocate for laws that will be to the users’ and the environment’s advantage. The most recent one is the standardization of USB-C, which has the greatest impact on Apple since iPhones still utilize a connector that is only compatible with Apple’s devices. It would seem that there is another impending rule about user-replaceable batteries, which would have even more severe repercussions for Apple and other large corporations.

Pocket Now was the first to notice the new legislation that is being considered for the area. It stipulates that all producers of electronic gadgets should provide replaceable batteries or at the very least make it easy for customers to update or recycle the component. This should be the minimum requirement.

The soon-to-be-enacted regulation in the EU does not, however, provide a detailed explanation of how this would be accomplished for electronic devices that include batteries that have been soldered together and form factors that are far more complicated, such as smartphones. Instead, it is possible that the commission will stipulate it via revisions or before it is completely implemented, which is scheduled to take effect just 3.5 years after the signing.

Although the project will encounter numerous obstacles and conflicting perspectives from major firms such as Apple and Samsung, its long-term aims are the same as those of the Common Charger Act, which is to limit the amount of electronic trash. In light of this fact, businesses are required by law to collect used batteries from clients while simultaneously achieving their recycling quotas.

By participating in the newly introduced self-repair program, Apple would be able to sidestep the proposed legislation, which is one of the company’s options. At the moment, it permits chosen iPhone models to be fixed by its customers, and it will give the required equipment as well as authentic replacement components for the devices.

On the other hand, Samsung and Google have also collaborated with iFixit to provide do-it-yourself repair guidelines. When compared to what the Cupertino company provides, both brands provide a self-service repair program that is compatible with a greater variety of mobile phone and tablet models.