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Apple HomePod Mini Will Be Released In Sweden, Norway, and Finland This Month

Credit: Apple

Beginning on December 13, consumers in Sweden, Norway, and Finland will be able to purchase the Apple HomePod mini. The device provides an audio experience that is 360 degrees around the user, and additional units can be joined together to create a stereo system. In addition, you can use the gadget as a central hub for your smart home and control connected devices, such as lights or an Apple TV, by speaking orders to Siri.

Apple unveiled that the HomePod small will be available in additional countries beginning on December 13, and these new nations include Sweden, Norway, and Finland. The device combines a speaker and a hub for smart homes; it is powered by an Apple S5 chip and has built-in software that intelligently enhances the performance of music playback. A full-frequency driver, two passive drivers, and a neodymium magnet are all contained within the device. The speaker’s base houses a patented waveguide that creates a 360-degree sound field for the listener.

You can establish a stereo speaker system by linking numerous units together, or you can play music in multiple rooms by repeating it. You may also connect the device to an Apple TV 4K. Since the speaker features built-in microphones, you can use Siri to give voice commands to manage the device as well as other smart home gadgets that are attached to it. You can communicate with other HomePod minis that are linked together via a technology called Intercom. In addition, the hub includes an automated volume adjustment for Siri, which can be set to fit the sound level of your room as well as the volume of your speech.

The HomePod mini is compatible with a variety of Apple products, including as the iPhone SE, iPhone 6S and later models, iPad Pro, and iPad models starting with the 5th generation and up. White, space gray, yellow, orange, and blue are the colors that will be offered for the gadget, just as they are in other nations. The device has a height of 8.4 centimeters (about 3.3 inches), a mesh fabric color, and lighted touch controls. The product comes with a power cable that has a braided design. The Apple HomePod mini will be priced at 1,295 SEK (about US$125), 1,249 NOK (approximately US$125), and €109 (approximately US$115) in Sweden, Norway, and Finland, respectively.