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SHAREit vs Xender – The Best Apps for Android File Sharing


Ask anyone who owns an Android powered smartphone what is the best thing about carrying it around in their pocket at all times and that person will tell you that apps are the best thing about it. The perfect example of this is how people can download and install an app on their smartphones that will make it easier for them to share files. However, the question that remains is which apps should people pick?

When it comes to apps that excel at transferring data, SHAREit and Xender are the two most popular ones. Both apps are equipped with premium features such as group sharing, but what sets them apart? Which one is faster and safer? Well, this is exactly what we are going to find out today because we are going to pin SHAREit against Xender in order to see which one comes out on top.

SHAREit vs Xender

#1 How fast are they?

The first question that we are going to answer is how fast are SHAREit and Xender? Since these apps are used to share files, their speed is an important factor when deciding which one is the winner. With that said, SHAREit claims that it can share files at speeds that reach up to 20MB/s. This is quite impressive because it’s 200 times faster than Bluetooth. On the other hand, Xender impresses us even more because it can share files at up to 40MB/s.

Although, we have to note that the speed at which both apps transfer files is impacted by the Wi-Fi network that the apps are connected to. Therefore, the file sharing speed will not always stay at peak level.

#2 What kind of files do they support?

People share all types of files and this is why both apps need to support every type of format. Luckily, both SHAREit and Xender support all the basic formats for pictures, videos, fully installed apps, music, documents, ZIP and so on. Although, Xender still comes out on top here because it also supports ebk, apk, txt and epub formats.

#3 Can you share files with multiple devices?

What’s great about SHAREit and Xender is that they both can share files with multiple devices. The cool thing about this feature is that those devices don’t need to have either SHAREit or Xender installed on them. The way this works is that both SHAREit and Xender provide the receive with a QR connect that shares files over the Wi-Fi network.

#4 Can you share multiple files at once?

Now that we saw both apps can share files with multiple devices, the next question to answer is if the two apps can share multiple files formats at the same time? SHAREit does this without a problem and the only thing that users need to do is to tap on the “Group Sharing” option.

Unfortunately for Xender fans, this is where their favorite app falls behind. Xender is not able to share different file formats at the same time and thus, users can’t send a picture and two videos simultaneously.

and the winner is…

The battle between SHAREit and Xender is a close one and it’s difficult to pick a winner. While Xender has proved to be the better option when it comes to speed and supported files, it lacks the ability to share multiple files at the same time. This is a crucial feature and despite SHAREit being a bit slower than Xender, we have to crown SHAREit as the winner. Not being able to share different file formats at the same time is just too much of a con for us. Nonetheless, who do you think won this competition in your opinion?