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SnapTube Update – Downloading Online Videos Has Never Been Easier


There are lots of cool apps that you can download and install on an Android powered smartphones and SnapTube is one of them. Despite not being available to download directly from the Google Play Store, SnapTube is still a highly popular in the Android community. The reason why this app is not listed on the Google Play Store is because as you will soon find out, it can download online videos from a multitude of websites and Google doesn’t agree with this.

Download Online Videos

As previously mentioned, SnapTube can download online videos. The cool thing about this is that SnapTube can download online videos from basically any website, including social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for example. To make things even better, SnapTube’s abilities don’t stop at online videos. The app can also download free music.

SnapTube Update

Nonetheless, SnapTube is making headlines today is because the developers who are in charge of the app have recently released a new update. The update changes SnapTube’s build number to and it comes with under the hood software improvements.

These software tweaks are dubbed as under the hood because even though users can’t see them, they will certainly feel them because they are enhancing SnapTube’s overall performances.

With that being said, the latest update for SnapTube is helping the app download online videos. Not just that, but the update also makes SnapTube‘s boot time shorter than usual which means that the online video downloader will launch faster.

Final Words

Our conclusion for the new SnapTube update is that even though this is maintenance release that comes with software tweaks and not any new features, it’s still a high priority update and all SnapTube users who enjoy downloading online videos should get it as soon as possible.