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Using Dating Apps But Still an Incel? Here’s Why That Can Happen

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While last time we spoke about how to avoid getting ghosted on dating apps, now it’s time to treat a different subject. Incels, meaning those who are involuntarily celibate, represent a category that almost nobody ever talks about, although we all know that these people exist.

First and foremost, the term ‘incel’ doesn’t have to represent an insult. Some people can simply not be skilled enough when it comes to dating. Let’s admit it: we’ve all been there until we developed some “game” with those of the opposite sex. Most of us had been heartbroken until we met that special someone. We just later understood that every cloud has a silver lining. Some people fail to pass that threshold, unfortunately, which is why they can become incels.

Therefore, some people have trouble finding a life partner even through online dating. The reasons might be more complicated than they seem:

Lack of self-confidence

Not trusting yourself is a huge turn-off for women. Sorry ladies, I’m gonna judge you here! Trust me on this one and don’t be deceived: nobody, absolutely NOBODY in the entire Universe and Multiverse will ever be attracted to a guy who lacks self-confidence! Never ever and nowhere! PERIOD! They can find him cute at best, but that doesn’t mean that they would bring him into their bed. That’s just how nature has been established!

People will even have trouble respecting you if you don’t trust yourself. They will just pretend to respect you, for the best-case scenario! So how could a woman possibly love you if you’re like that? Women want to find that manhood in you, a guy who goes out to get what he wants and who’s in charge, in one way or another! There’s nothing to blame here, that’s how their psychology works! Of course, this doesn’t mean to have blind self-confidence. But everybody can be good at something and, therefore, build some trust in their qualities! Lacking self-confidence may even be perhaps the number one reason why some people become incels.

So if you’re in this situation, go ahead and work at it and stop whining! So what if you have flaws? Everybody has them! So what if you’re not good enough? Not everybody can win the World Cup, but they can still be good enough to at least get into the competition! Nobody has been born knowing what to do and how to make the opposite sex chase them. You don’t necessarily have to burn the candle at both ends to build self-confidence. Just start realizing that life has a lot of exciting stuff to offer and that anybody can get a girlfriend. Find a passion and spend your time doing it, find other people online interested in that hobby as well to form new connections. Go ahead and learn something new on YouTube, like a new language or some board game, and practice with new people. Do a few pushups every day you get out of bed in the morning, as working out has been scientifically proven to improve mood TREMENDOUSLY! These things will automatically create a much better vibe for you! Once you start thinking like that and doing those things more and more, confidence will come and increase naturally. And the best part is that as soon as you establish a high enough confidence, you’ll become addicted to it! That means that it will become so much more natural to feel that desire of being happy and needed by other people. C’mon man, how hard could it be since almost everybody is already doing it?

Poor hygiene

Sorry to bring this aspect into the article, but someone has to say it! It doesn’t matter at all how cool you look in your Tinder profile or how rich you are if soap or the toothbrush is not your friend! That’s pretty much all there is to say on this subject, it would indeed become gross to go into details.

Being a hater

If you’re constantly judging other people, even the politicians whom everybody else hates, that’s another major turn-off. Especially if you’re blaming others for your failures, that’s just suicide in your relationship with others!

Everybody knows by now that society is far from perfect in many of its aspects, so why would they like to listen to you speaking about it? Furthermore, complaining all the time won’t fix any of those problems. If you’re trying to show that you’re different and you really have some good knowledge about something, you should choose an entirely different subject.

Being misogynistic

This is another harsh reality that we have to mention: being misogynistic will automatically scare away those gorgeous females that you crave! Many incels have misogynistic behavior. We get it: not being a big hit with the ladies as you would want causes a lot of frustration, but constantly attacking female psychology and behavior won’t do you any good. It will only turn around against you.

For donkey’s years already, online dating isn’t seen anymore as something only losers would do. It’s more like a blessing in many cases, and why wouldn’t it be? You can meet people from many other areas of the globe and with similar tastes as you in certain fields. But even so, some people just don’t have success. Regardless of how beneficial dating apps may be, the real and final test with your match is being taken face-to-face. Nobody will fully trust you and that you’re really the person you’re claiming to be unless they meet you in reality.