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Vivo V15 Pro with 32MP Pop-Up Selfie Camera Finally Has an Official Launch Date


We reported two days ago that Vivo V15 Pro was spotted on GeekBench. The GeekBench results revealed that the smartphone is powered by a Snapdragon 675 processor and 6GB of RAM. Well, it looks like the Chinese based tech giant noticed how much attention Vivo V15 Pro is getting and decided to announce its official launch date. Vivo V15 Pro is going to arrive on February 20th during the MWC (mobile world congress) tech event.

Launch Date

The surprising thing about Vivo V15 Pro’s launch date is not the fact that it’s so close, but that the flagship smartphone is going to launch at the same time with Samsung’s Galaxy S10. This shows that Vivo is confident in its smartphone and that it believes Vivo V15 Pro can compete against the best.

Pop- Up Camera

Just like Vivo Nex S which arrived last year, Vivo V15 Pro will ship with a pop-up selfie camera. However, Vivo is taking things to the next level this year because Vivo V15 Pro’s selfie camera will feature 32MP. Now, this is quite impressive.

Equipping Vivo V15 Pro with a 32MP pop-up selfie camera is a smart move from Vivo because this feature is going to draw lots of attention to the smartphone. People love to take selfies with their smartphones and the 32MP pop-up selfie camera is going to give Vivo V15 Pro a big edge over its competition.

The cool thing about the camera is that it will also use a GD1 image sensor which focuses on space efficiency. This means that Vivo V15 Pro will snap higher quality selfies than most smartphones.

In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

The last thing that we want to cover about Vivo V15 Pro is the smartphone’s in-display fingerprint scanner. This is a nice feature and it is definitely much better than having a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.